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Vision for Palm Coast

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I believe that by focusing on transparency, low taxes, safety, and job creation, we can build a brighter and more prosperous future for Palm Coast. My platform is rooted in the principles of fiscal responsibility, progress, and the well-being of our community. Together, we can make this vision a reality and achieve a better future for Palm Coast and its residents.



I am committed to promoting transparency in government and ensuring that the voice of the people is heard in all decision-making processes. My platform includes:

  • Open Governance: I will push to implement measures to make government actions, decisions, and expenditures accessible and understandable to the public. This includes regularly updated, user-friendly online platforms where citizens can access information on government activities.

  • Accountability: I will push to establish clear lines of accountability for elected officials and public servants, ensuring that the public's trust is well-placed. Elected representatives need to be held to the highest standards of ethical conduct.

  • Citizen Engagement: I will actively seek input from residents on important issues and legislation. Town halls, public forums, and online surveys are all ways that can be used to ensure that the people's concerns and suggestions are valued and considered.



Safety is a fundamental human right. I am dedicated to ensuring that our neighborhoods and communities are safe for all. My safety-focused initiatives include:

  • Community Policing: I will promote community-oriented policing strategies that strengthen the bonds between law enforcement and the communities they serve. This approach fosters trust and collaboration.

  • Crime Prevention: I will invest in programs that address the root causes of crime, such as education, mental health services, and substance abuse treatment, to create safer and healthier communities.

  • Emergency Response: I will support the development of robust emergency response systems to protect our communities from natural disasters and emergencies, ensuring swift and effective assistance when needed.


Keeping Taxes Low

I understand that high taxes can burden individuals, families, and businesses. Our commitment to low taxes includes:

  • Tax Relief: I will work to reduce unnecessary government spending to provide relief for hardworking individuals and businesses. This includes seeking ways to lower property taxes, and relinquishing some of the tax burden from citizens.

  • Economic Growth: Lowering taxes can stimulate economic growth and create jobs. We will encourage investment and entrepreneurship by keeping the tax burden manageable.

  • Efficient Government: I will advocate for streamlined and efficient government operations to ensure that taxpayer dollars are used responsibly and for the benefit of the community.


Job Creation

A thriving job market is essential for the prosperity of our community. I pledge to create an environment conducive to job growth by:

  • Supporting Local Businesses: I will provide incentives and support for local businesses, making it easier for them to start, expand, and hire new employees.

  • Investing in Education and Training: A skilled workforce is essential. I will push to invest in education and training programs to equip our citizens with the skills needed for the jobs of the future.

  • Infrastructure Development: I will prioritize infrastructure projects that create jobs while improving our community, such as repairing roads and bridges, transportation, and upgrading our outdated infrastructure.

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